Maricopa Community Colleges

Capital Improvement Report 2004-2012


In 2004, the voters of Maricopa County authorized the Maricopa Community Colleges to undertake a $951 million long-term capital program to keep pace with the valley's education and training needs.

See what we did:

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Construct New Buildings

that benefit our students and the community
  • Focus on workforce development and STEM

  • Offering students ways to easily transfer from community college to universities

  • Expand community education programs

    with improved infrastructure supporting continuing education and other programs

Improve Physical Facilities

so we can expand to support students in the future
  • New Renovations

  • Improved Infrastructure

  • Energy Conservation

Respond to Population Growth

through new locations and land purchases
  • GCC North

    Happy Valley & 61st Ave.
  • PVCC Black Mountain YMCA

    Cave Creek Rd. & Carefree Hwy.
  • RIO Avondale

    Dysart Rd. & Van Buren St.
  • Turner & Southern

    80 acres, $5.01 million
  • Grand & 203rd Ave

    90 acres, $6.01 million
  • 1480 S Hohokam

    6,800 sq ft, 2.5 acres, $14.4 million

Improve Technology

to provide better service, secure records and reduce our carbon footprint
  • Large Scale Apps

    such as SIS and CIMS
  • Instructional Technology

    classroom technology more online classes, online library
  • Sustainability Initiatives

    such as ePayments, self service and online communication investments

Partner with Communities

joining forces to serve our community members

South Mountain Community Library

city of phoenix

A resource-sharing partnership between SMCC and Phoenix Public Library to provide South Mountain community college students and the local community access to a 50,000 square foot public library.